When did she leave her present? Email arsparadoxica@gmail.com

Or... don't.

When we started this, we put codes at the end of episodes with the understanding that it was possible nobody would read them.

We were wrong.

When it was impossible to release a monthly episode because of Mischa's schedule, we cooked up an apology thing, and threw our fans a little bone: Mischa had silkscreened a few Ars Paradoxica tee shirts, and they had one (1) left over. So we made this little secret thing for the (presumably) one person (if any) who actually would go in and figure out the code. And because we have the best fans in the world (please clap), three people actually emailed us about it before we updated this page. Because we're slow. And dumb. So, without further adieu, the winners of this weird contest/ARG thing are:

  1. Brian B.
  2. Katherine D.
  3. Phoebe S.

(if you are one of these people we owe you a thing. also you are the best)