Mischa Stanton


Mischa is a sound designer and audio engineer for theatre, concerts, film, and video games. They work to develop the aural landscape for a piece by exploring the emotional themes of a piece, then using their combined knowledge of digital sound production, psychoacoustics and music, as well as a healthy passion for physics, art, history, and philosophy to bring the essence of the work to life via sound.

They were born and raised in Westchester County, NY, where their grandmother sparked a lifelong love of the arts by taking them to see Cats on Broadway at age 8 (and, thankfully, a few better shows after that). They spent six years at Buck's Rock Performing and Creative Arts Camp, learning the trade and art of sound design for stage and screen. Mischa graduated with a BFA degree in Theatrical Design/Technology (Sound) from Emerson College in May of 2013.

Since 2011, Mischa has been the executive producer and sound designer on ars PARADOXICA, a project near and dear to their heart. They have found such immense joy being able to create art for tens of thousands of listeners to enjoy every month.

Although Mischa's training and experience lies predominantly in live theatre and concerts, their passion for film, radio, video games, music, installation art and even newer media has led them to seek new ways to express an artist's vision through sound.

When not locked in the studio for days (weeks) at a time, Mischa is also an avid graphic and web designer, a technology and futurology enthusiast, a novice punk-rocker, a decent cook, and a self-proclaimed expert on time travel in film.

For more information or references, email Mischa.Stanton.QED@gmail.com.