She Loves Me

book by Joe Masteroff • music by Jerry Bock • lyrics by Sheldon Harnick
directed by Stephen Terrell

Emerson Stage
Sound Designer
November 30–December 4, 2011

Green Theatre
10 Boylston Pl.
Boston, MA

asst. designer
Katie Williams
Christian Carter
Erik Heikkila

scenic design
Tim Jozwick
lighting design
Joe Petrowski, Jr.
costume design
Patria Ferragamo


My task in this show was to define the space of the perfume shop within the broader world of the play and of 1930s Budapest. As the set pieces moved and turned to become different locations, both indoor and outdoor, it fell to me to ground both the characters (via sound effects) and the orchestration (via channel panning) in the shop that means so much to each of the characters and is so integral to the play.



During the song "Tonight at Eight," during which the main character Georg frantically worries about his blind date, he knocks over a table covered with music boxes, which he then hurries to close. Rather than a pre-set sequence of box-closes, the operator was instructed only to hit a "stop" cue when they saw an actor actually close a box. This lent a credibility and a realness to the action onstage, further defining the world of the perfume shop. This also helped to heighten the action: during one performance, the actors missed a box that had fallen behind them. The operator left a single music box still playing, confusing the actors and heightening the comedy of the moment.

production photos courtesy of Kirk J Miller