Daniel Manning
head writer

Daniel thinks that it's necessary to comment on the difficulties of self-description wherever he does it. Frankly, it's exhausting. Daniel is the former host of "QDAM," a college radio show canceled after it was discovered to be a hotbed of late-night unauthorized broadcasting. Bitten by a radioactive know-it-all as a child, Daniel enjoys correcting others, pedantic arguments, intricate mythologies, and endlessly toying with a Rubik's Snake.
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Mischa Stanton
story editor, director & audio producer

Mischa is a mad audio wizard, whose bat-guarded castle is built upon the ruins of Los Angeles, CA. So you can be pretty sure they have an opinion on media, NOT that anyone asked. When not locked in the studio for days (weeks) at a time, Mischa is also a technology and futurology enthusiast, a novice punk-rocker, a decent cook, and a self-proclaimed expert on time travel in fiction. They work on entirely too many podcasts to count, but most notably The Bright Sessions and multiple shows for Wondery.
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Eli Barraza
staff writer (season 2–present)

Eli hails from the moderately sized town of [REDACTED]. After graduating from [REDACTED] in [REDACTED], she somehow stumbled her way onto the writing team of ars PARADOXICA. In addition to time travel and incredible characters, her interests include [REDACTED], pursuing [REDACTED], and investigating [REDACTED]. Eli is also the creator, writer, and star of The Far Meridian.
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Julian Mundy
staff writer (season 1–present)

Julian was created in the occult flesh-pits of Milwaukee, WI, and transported to a safehouse in Poughkeepsie, NY to be tutored by secret societies. He therefore seems to be a run-of-the-mill pick for ars PARADOXICA's writing staff. Julian and Mischa have known each other since they were fourteen years old, when they both survived an incident that law enforcement officials are still prohibited from discussing. Julian has been on the fringes of aP for several years, watching it coalesce from hare-brained idea to finished product, and finally joined the team in July 2015. Editing TV by day, writing scripts by night, Julian could not be more pleased to finally be working on such a unique project. 
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Danielle Shemaiah
staff writer (season 2–present)

Danielle doesn’t actually exist. This has been confirmed by the Ars Team on numerous occasions since she mysteriously joined up with the writers. Allegedly, she also went to Emerson College, graduating in 2014 with a Double Major in Theatre Studies and Literature… and yet no one can remember ever having seen her there… except Kristen, who sometimes facilitates her unnecessary roadtrips, and Mischa, who Danielle had a rousing conversation with one night at a Speakeasy. The evidence is mostly circumstantial at this point. If she did exist, she’d describe herself as a Storyteller. An Actor-Combatant and sometimes Writer who delights in curating the make believe and who, in turn, finds “reality” rather limiting. Which explains a lot, if you think about it. Allegedly, Danielle’s a fan of swordfighting, spytech, sci-fi, impossibilities, and intersectional feminism. She may or may not be playing a role in (and producing) a certain Harry Potter Fan-film, due to be released later this year. If she actually exists, she sounds like a bit of a geek. Go figure.
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Tau Zaman
staff writer (season 2–present)

Tau is trying this thing where he says Yes to everything. Thankfully, it's taken him on his biggest adventures yet: he's thrilled to be writing for ars PARADOXICA, as well as serving as showrunner for Liminusa performance project that blends AR gaming technology with live theatre. If he had any spare time, he might spend his nights as an undercover friendly neighborhood crime-fighting superhero. But alas, that would require spare time. He wouldn't know anything about that.
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