Kristen DiMercurio (Dr. Sally Grissom) just sort of “fell into” the ars PARADOXICA universe by chance. She studied Musical Theatre at Emerson College, where she’s pretty sure she had like one gen-ed class with Mischa, but they sat at the opposite end of the room and contributed in useful ways to the class dialogue. Kristen was most likely drawing a comic about polar bears and penguins getting drunk and dueling. She now lives just to the right of the Big Apple, where she spends most of her time face painting (, auditioning, and working the oddest jobs she can find. She’s also very proud to work for a consent education and sexual assault prevention company called Speak About It, traveling around the country performing at college orientations. Before getting on this show, Kristen knew very little about time travel and the laws of the universe. Two seasons later, she now knows even less. 
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Reyn Beeler (Chet Whickman) graduated from Emerson College with a BFA in Acting and is now an actor based in LA. He’s been so grateful to be brought aboard ars PARADOXICA and work with such a talented, passionate, and dedicated team. Reyn’s recent projects have been his voiceover work for The Bright Sessions and performing in a Facebook Live show produced by Funny or Die with his sketch comedy team Flambé!.  When he is not stuck in a time loop, you can find him improvising comedy, choreographing combat, or playing video games. He is a sucker for American history, paradoxes, and general geekiness, as a result he feels right at home with the ars PARADOXICA team!


Katie Speed (Esther Roberts) is a Theatre Educator and Teaching Artist currently residing in Somerville, MA. She has a Masters in Applied Theatre from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and a BA in Theatre Education (Acting) from Emerson College. She currently is creating the theatre program at UP Academy Oliver, a public turnaround middle school in Lawrence, MA. The busy schedule of working at a public school keeps her from returning to the stage as frequently as she'd like, but in that sense, ars PARADOXICA has been her saving grace, giving her the opportunity to act on her own schedule. Favorite past credits include Elena in A Future Perfect, Maria in Twelfth Night, and Martha in Spring's Awakening (Flyleaf Theater), and Marge in Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (Regatta Players). Working on ars PARADOXICA has been a joy, as she fulfills her feminist goal of playing strong female characters–and Esther definitely fits that mold.
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Robin Gabrielli (Anthony Partridge) is an actor, voice artist, sound designer, musician, technologist and educator recently transplanted to the West Coast, who has been appearing on stages all over southern New England for the last twenty years. Robin can be heard an Serjeant Rook in the Colonial Radio Theatre series "Ticonderoga," Ned Land in "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea," and Hercules/Kronos in "Wrath of the Titans." Robin is a former company member at Flat Earth Theatre and works at Sony in San Francisco, CA.

also starring

Rebekah Allen (Bridget Chambers)

Rebekah Allen
(Bridget Chambers)

Dan Anderson (Hank Cornish)

Dan Anderson
(Hank Cornish)

Alexander Cole (David Marian)

Alexander Cole
(David Marian)

Bernardo Cubría (Mateo Morales)

Bernardo Cubría
(Mateo Morales)

Zach Ehrlich (Jack Wyatt)

Zach Ehrlich
(Jack Wyatt)

Arjun Gupta (Nikhil Sharma)

Arjun Gupta
(Nikhil Sharma)

Susanna Kavee (Helen Partridge)

Susanna Kavee
(Helen Partridge)

Richard Malmos (Agent Ray Vico)

Richard Malmos
(Agent Ray Vico)

L. Jeffrey Moore (Lou Gaines)

L. Jeffrey Moore
(Lou Gaines)

Richard Penner (Dr. Fitzgerald)

Richard Penner
(Dr. Fitzgerald)

Lia Peros (Petra)

Lia Peros

Lee Satterwhite ("Quentin Barlowe" / Ben Quigley)

Lee Satterwhite
("Quentin Barlowe" / Ben Quigley)

Lauren Shippen (Maggie Elbourne)

Lauren Shippen
(Maggie Elbourne)

Hannah Trobaugh (June Barlowe)

Hannah Trobaugh
(June Barlowe)

Charlotte Mary Wen (Penny Wise)

Charlotte Mary Wen
(Penny Wise)

additional voices

Heather Auden
Amanda Bailey
Erin Bark
Eli Barraza
Austin Beach
Brock Bivens
Elyse Cain
Maxximilian Dafoe
Kathy Dorn
Jean DiMercurio
Todd Faulkner
Billy Finn

David Gallic
Jon Grilz
Katie Hume
Eric Rafael Ibarra
Jade Johnson
Tom Killam
Pete Lutz
Ian McQuown
Gabriela Milo
Conrad Miszuk
Julian Mundy
Cameron Scott Nadler

James Oliva
Geoff Pictor
Lily Richards
Thea Rodgers
On Shiu
AC Slamet
Mark Soloff
Barry Stanton
Zak Stevens
Fiona Thraille
Bonnie Williams
John French Williamson
Tauheed Zaman

with special thanks to Isabel Atkinson