Episode 15: Looper (with Eli Barraza)


  • [0:38] Narrative flashbacks, chronological flashforwards. Time travel!
  • [0:47] Also The Brothers Bloom and some of the best episodes of Breaking Bad.
  • [1:58] It’s a genius plot.
  • [2:24] Why do you have to kill yourself? Wouldn’t it be just as convenient–and cheaper–to have someone else close a given Loop? Also, why do they have to shoot them? Wouldn’t it be easier to just time travel them into, like, an incinerator or something? Man, we would be some great time travel crime lords if given the chance.
  • [2:27] Joseph Willis-Levitt.
  • [3:24] This all feels like stuff that needs corrections, but this is the real plot of the movie.
  • [4:08] Why don’t they just kill Young Seth?
  • [4:26] arsparadoxica.com
  • [5:23] And the death of the sea turtle caused a tsunami in Japan, which caused the mob to kill Bruce Willis’s unnamed wife in China.
  • [6:28] “Exactly” is a bit of a stretch.
  • [6:50] The hoverbike effect looks really bad.
  • [9:32] This movie faceplants the Bechdel test.
  • [10:25] Seriously.
  • [11:22] So he’s basically Baron Ünderbheit.
  • [12:00] None of this work with each other.
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