Episode 18: Bioshock (with Julian Mundy)

[1:23] Since the last time Mischa said that they have finished all the Shovel Knight campaigns and completed every main quest in Breath of the Wild, so...

[1:27] That's a bit of an oversimplification—your protagonist, Jack, is a lab-grown adult/Manchurian Candidate assassin from Rapture sent BACK to Rapture to assassinate its founder/leader, Andrew Ryan.

[1:53] That means I can't WAIT for the Rapture level in Kingdom Hearts III

[2:14] stay tuned

[3:57] Rule 63: for every fictional character, there exists an opposite-gender counterpart. (Know Your Meme)

[5:11] An urban legend states that Lucas changed the name to save one extra letter on movie marquees. It's almost certainly the case that he instead thought Revenge was inappropriate for the tone of the film, but it's still fun to think about!

[5:22] Though Courtnee Draper did a fantastic job portraying Elizabeth, sometimes her character was distressingly oversexualized for a character who is very much not that to the protagonist.

[6:40] Bring us the girl, would you kindly?

[8:03] Residents of Rapture had access to cheap, readily-available genetic manipulation, which eventually became addictive and deleterious to their users, especially after society collapses.

[8:05] It's actually two years after the collapse, which occurred on New Year's Day 1958.

[11:55] "That's exactly how it works." —Sally Grissom

[12:14] The final stretch of the game starts heavily balancing action setpieces over environmental exploration.

[12:32] The timely reference here is the recently-released Tacoma, the second game by Gone Home developer Fullbright Games, made out of team members of the Bioshock 2 (not to be confused with Bioshock Infinite) DLC Minerva's Den.

[12:50] This is what the whole problem is about.

[13:30] Narratively, at least.

[16:03] “There is violence on many sides"

[16:33] The greater good.

[18:30] And rotary on half.