Episode 19: Doctor Who

[00:29] Mischa was actually hurt in a completely unrelated incident. They’re not in any immediate life-threatening danger… Probably.

[01:03] Apologies to Abbott & Costello.

[01:43] If that isn’t evidence of time travelers meddling around with the Kennedy assassination, I don’t know what is.

[02:24] Time And Relative Dimensions In Space, but much like a lot of other Doctor Who canon, there have been inconsistencies throughout the years.

[02:36] Specifically, a blue Police Public Call Box, which used to be a thing in England. Now most of those have been removed, and the image of a blue phone box is more associated with the Doctor Who franchise than its original purpose.

[02:53] timelapsepod@gmail.com. Also, we’re probably gonna keep doing bits either way.

[03:14] TV Tropes, as usual, has their act together on this one.

[03:21] The character’s name is The Doctor. Come on, Daniel.

[03:39] The crew was being worked to death and not being paid enough money, and when Christopher Eccleston, the actor who played the Ninth Doctor (and launched the revival), went to bat for them, the BBC execs turned him away. Allegedly.

[03:51] The modern ones, at least.

[05:22] 1974-1981. 7 years.

[06:15] Mischa actually meant the 1991 film Defending Your Life, starring Albert Brooks & Meryl Streep.

[07:23] Additionally Attack the Block, alongside Star Wars all-star John Boyega.

[08:14] arsparadoxica.com/timeswimmers

[09:12] Terminator Geniseese.

[09:32] In multi-Doctor stories, there’s usually some plot reason that makes it so only the most recent Doctor is able to retain memories of the adventure. It’s pretty dumb. We really should have talked about it more.

[09:47] Doctor 8 3/4

[10:02] David Bradley (best known as Filch in the Harry Potter films) played William Hartnell, the actor who portrayed the First Doctor, in a 90-minute special about the making of the series called "An Adventure in Space and Time" (2013)

[10:14] Richard Hurndall.

[10:25] “The Name of the Doctor,” series 7 episode 13.

[10:30] Seriously.

[11:05] Series 4 episode 8.

[11:46] It’s just two time travelers.

[12:36] She’s a Guardian of the Galaxy now, so she must have really liked the work, I guess.

[13:13] One might even call it “wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey,” if one were so inclined. We’re not, though.

[13:41] Series 6 episode 8.

[13:51] #resist

[14:27] Also Sherlock, which a lot of people seem to really like for some reason.

[14:45] Series 1 episode 9.

[14:51] Also “Victory of the Daleks,” series 5 episode 3, as well as a bunch of classic series examples.

[15:00] Series 3 episode 10.

[16:09] That’s me!

[16:18] “The Unicorn and the Wasp,” series 4 episode 7. Also starring Star Wars all-star Felicity Jones.

[16:21] Beads.

[16:39] “The Shakespeare Code,” series 3 episode 2.

[16:42] “Vincent and the Doctor,” series 5 episode 10.

[16:59] “A Christmas Carol,” 2010 Christmas Special.

[18:45] “The Girl Who Waited,” series 6 episode 10.

[19:20] arsparadoxica.com

[20:13] It’s ok, this version of the episode was a lot better.

[20:53] Tomorrow as in, the day after we recorded this episode. It’s already done. Tune in on Sept. 10th!