story by Daniel Manning & Tyler Pomponio
written by Brad Einstein & Gary Pascal (koch brothers mystery show)
produced by Mischa Stanton

From ars PARADOXICA and Whisperforge Radio Stories On the Air but it’s The Internet Now, its Timeswimmers! Dateline: September 11th… 2003… AD… Eastern time. We find our hero and story protagonist, Dagmar Pumpernickel, locked in the basement of the Pentagon. That dastardly dunce George W Bush has her tied to a water board! For nefarious waterboarding purposes, no doubt. What villainy awaits young Pumpernickel? Let’s find out today, on Timeswimmers!


Redshift (Theme for ars Paradoxica)

written & performed by Mischa Stanton

When I'm Not Here

lyrics by Tau Zaman
arranged by Evan Cunningham
featuring Susanna Kavee as Helen Partridge

Electric River (acoustic)

written & performed by Eno Freedman-Brodmann

Some music used courtesy of the Free Music Archive.

ODAR & You!

written by Julian Mundy
produced by Mischa Stanton

A training tape shown to new ODAR recruits.

The Life & Times of Archimedes, the Cat

story by Daniel Manning, Danielle Shemaiah & Julian Mundy
written by Julian Mundy
produced by Mischa Stanton

A day in the life of Sally's cat Archimedes. Follow the Cat About Town; surely he can't get into more trouble than his owner. Can he?



Swearing's come a long way in 70 years, but Sally's getting impatient. She's ready for a new age in linguistic expression.

Director Whickman

written & produced by Mischa Stanton
released 15 may 2016 on Patreon

A day in the life of Chet Whickman, newly-appointed Director of the Office of Developed Anomalous Resources.

Mr. Cornish Goes to Washington

written by Julian Mundy
produced by Mischa Stanton
released 15 July 2016 on Patreon

Hank Cornish takes a trip to the Secretary of Defense's office, to make sure he's playing nicely with the new agency in town.

Municipal Matters

written by Danielle Shemaiah
produced by Mischa Stanton
released 15 November 2016 on Patreon

Esther and Chet get involved in local politics.

Gourmet by Grissom

written by Eli Barraza
produced by Mischa Stanton
released 15 January 2017 on Patreon

Sally figures out a brand-new use for ODAR technology: recording a CAGE cooking show.

Wolf 359: "Succulent Rat-Killing Tar"

If you like our show, there's no way you won't also enjoy the intense space-conspiracies of Wolf 359. It's one of our favorite podcasts, made by some amazingly talented and kind individuals. There are a lot of similarities between our two shows, in tone and theme–if we are "the sad time podcast," Wolf is "the sad space podcast." So, as a 2016 Christmas gift for creator Gabriel Urbina, the aP team made this 100% faithful shot-for-shot (gender-swapped) remake of their first episode, Succulent Rat-Killing Tar.

And don't miss the ars PARADOXICA cast as the crew of the USS Hermes in Episode 47: Into the Depths!

Dan and Mischa sit around and talk about movies a lot. Especially time travel movies. Listen to them talk about the movies that inspired aP.